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The 10 Year Overnight Success

The 10 Year Overnight Success

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"I have been in this space we call online video together with Ash since the early days.  He is a pioneer and his leadership and energy for continued excellence is truly unparalleled.  WatchMojo is one of the top channels on YouTube today and this is no surprise to me and wouldn't be to anyone else that knows him. Ash didn't get his company there by accident--he is smart, thoughtful, funny, warm and honest and you can expect the same from his book.  I laughed a lot (and learned some) as I read this book reflecting along with Ash back to the beginning.  There are critical lessons here for anyone passionate about and serious enough for a career on YouTube but willing to enjoy the levity along the way." –– Lance Podell, Director YouTube Spaces

The 10-Year Overnight Success gives readers an inside look at the perseverance, determination, and drive needed for entrepreneurs to survive in the content business while remaining relevant in today’s digital world. This autobiographical account of WatchMojo’s foundings explores the hardships entrepreneurs face in today’s digital landscape, while encouraging people to pursue their passions with fervor and never give up on their dreams.  
As Karbasfrooshan explains in the book,  
Entrepreneurship is hard. We read about the successes, but we rarely  
hear about the failures. It may very well be easier to win the lottery than  
to get rich by starting a business. I don’t know anyone who has  
experienced success without having faced their fair share of adversity.  
… when people ask about WatchMojo, I tell them that, “we ran out of  
ways to fail.”

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