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WatchMojo's Top 100 Music Videos of the 2000s

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Remember when MTV, MuchMusic, and VH1 actually played music videos? We do.

It wasn’t all that long ago you could turn on your television and watch the newest video by Madonna, My Chemical Romance, or even Michael Jackson. Although videos have been culturally prominent since before the ‘80s, they more than left their mark on pop culture throughout much of the 2000s on everything from fashion and subcultures to dance moves.

While the runtime for the bulk of these videos was under five minutes, they had as much influence (and sometimes even the funding and talent) as a Hollywood feature. These new millennium mini-movies helped shape the music industry and popular culture on a massive scale.

So slap on a tracksuit, slather on some makeup, lace up your Adidas, and get ready to “1, 2 Step” back in time with WatchMojo’s Top 100 Music Videos of the 2000s.

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