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Top 10 Fill In The List Sticker

  • $5.99

Do you love listing things in groups of 10? So do we! In fact, it's pretty much all we do, every day, all day. With the WatchMojo Fill In The List Sticker, now you can make your own top 10 lists and stick them everywhere you can think of. Cause no one understands the way we feel about top 10s except for other people who also enjoy saying numbers in reverse chronological order. This high-quality vinyl sticker is printed in full color and is very durable. It's constructed of high-opacity, long-lasting vinyl, meaning you can’t see through it and the sticker won’t leave any residue on whatever you decide to stick it to. For a flawless, bubble-free stick every time, don't forget to clean the surface before applying.


Size guide

5.5″×5.5″ (inches) 5 ½ 5 ½

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